Esoteric Astrology Class

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Esoteric Astrology Class

The unseen face of astrology...

The unseen face of astrology …

We will deepend our understanding on Astrology through a journey to the metaphysics origins of Astrology under the light of Islamic Esoterism, Hermetic teachings and mystic Tibetian references.

Lecturer                      : Yeşne Karaca İren

Duration                      : 20 weeks

Date                            : September 30th, 2015, Wednesday

Time                            : 20:00

Duration of a Lesson   : 3 hours

Course Fee                  : 350 TL/4 lessons (The payment is made in the first lesson of each 4 weeks.)

Registration                 :  0216 358 12 23 – 0532 284 89 79 –



1st Week         What is Esoterism? What does Esoterik Astrology stand for?

2nd Week        Hermes (The Prophet Idris)           

3rd Week        Divine Laws of Creation (Hermetic Laws)

4th Week        The Connection Between Astrology and Creation&Existence from the Perspective of Sufism

(A Philosophical and Theoretical Introduction)

·         Cosmos, The Perfect Man (İnsan-ı Kamil), Levels of Evolution, Human Body and Chakras, The Connection with the names of Allah

5th Week                    The Connection Between Astrology and Creation&Existence from the Perspective of Sufism

·         Time and Cosmology within the Perspective of Astrology in İbn Arabi’s Philosophy

6th Week        The Purpose of Life(Astrological Techniques)        

·         The Sun, North Node, Saturn, Chiron, MC, Syzygy, Pars Hyleg(radix vitae), Pars Futurorum (Spiritus),  Pars Saturni

7th Week        The Purpose of Life

·         Stelium, Intercept Signs, Retro Motion, T-Square, Grand Square, Yod, Boomerang, Mystic Rectangle, Rosetta, Angles as Axes, The Planets of The Birth Date and Birth Hour, Fixed Stars

8th Week        The Strenght of the Chart                                             

·         Almuten Figuris, Exalted Planets, Final Dispositor, Table of Dignities

9th Week        The Strenght of the Chart  

·         The Sun, ASC and its ruler, Planets at the Angles, Benefic Planets, Weak Points and Malefic Planets, Conjunctions with Fixed Stars

10th Week      The Names of Allah and the Planets                                                                

·         Table of the Names of Allah and the Planets

·         To communicate with the planets (our own cosmic moment) through the names of Allah

11th Week      The Concept of Angels                                      

·         What is Angel and What is Angelic Power?Your Guardian Angel

·         Table of Dignities, Calculation of Almutem Figuris, Calculation of Final Dispositor

12th Week      The Concept of Angels

·         The Names of Angels in Kabalistic Approach, Your Angel

13th Week      Esoteric Tibetian Astrology             

·         Cosmos and 7 Rays

14th Week      Esoteric Tibetian Astrology

·         Signs

15th Week      Esoteric Tibetian Astrology

·         Planets; Sun, Moon, Vulcan, Mercury, Earth, Venus

16th Week     Esoteric Tibetian Astrology

·         Planets; Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

17th Week      Esoteric Tibetian Astrology

·         Houses

18th Week      Esoteric Tibetian Astrology

·         Aspects 1

19th Week      Esoteric Tibetian Astrology

·         Aspects 2

20th Week      Esoteric Tibetian Astrology

·         Practices on Chart Reading


Yeşne Karaca İren Kimdir?

She was born in Istanbul in October 31st, 1968. After high school, she continued her education in Switzerland and United Kingdom. She studied Business and Finance in Manchester City College and Textile Economics and Administration in Manchester University and has graduated in 1992. She worked at executive level in several institutions for 10 years. In 2003, she quit business life and started to work for social projects. She is one of the founding members of TEMA, The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats and until 2015 she had an active role in the execution of the Foundation.

She has been interested in spiritualism since 1990s. She has participated metaphysic courses and learned about precious teachings from valuable intellectuals Ergün Arıkdal being in the first place. In 1998, she has been initiated to Reiki by Sevgi Ersoy.

She has graduated from the Astrology School in 2009. She has been giving lectures in Astroart Astrology School since 2013.

She is married and has a son.