Medical Astrology Class

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Medical Astrology Class

The more we use astrology, the more we see how it helps us in many fields of our lives.

The more we use astrology, the more we see how it helps us in many fields of our lives. So, does it help in health matters? Do our natal chart, transits and progressions show us the risks related with our health? Even if it cannot find a cure to death, does it give us the solutions for health problems or some hints on having a more qualified life?

Yes, we witness that many indicators in astrology like elements, modalities, signs, planets, aspects, mid-points, other celestial bodies, Nodes, declinations and so on help us on health matters. The hints are so many that we sometimes see different interpretations on those or we cannot know how to interpret them. Everyone who knows astrology may see the health risks, timings of them and the solutions more or less and this supports the use of astrology in the professional area.

By this course, we aim to underline those indicators to help ourselves and our consultants by the help of past symptoms, courage them to visit health professionals before it is too late,  to introduce alternative healing methods in addition to medical practices, helping the doctors to develop their knowledge and skills with a different perspective, to determine the appropriate timing for treatment and surgical operations which minimize the complications of those.

Dr. Sena Büyükçopur, who has been serving in medicine field for thirty years, personally experienced the benefits of astrology in active health service and now summarizes those in Medical Astrology lessons. Those lessons are prepared both for the astrologers and also for the doctors who wants to expand their knowledge in medical field through astrology and holistic healing methods.    

Lecturer                      : Dr. Sena Büyükçopur

Duration                      : 16 weeks

Date                            : will be announced later

Time                            : will be announced later

Duration of a Lesson   : 3 hours

Course Fee                  : 350 TL/4 lessons (The payment is made in the first lesson of each 4 weeks.)

Registration                 :  0216 358 12 23 – 0532 284 89 79 –



1st Week         the History and the Purpose of Medical Astrology

·         The purpose of learning medical astrology

·         The history and the contemporary use of astrology in medical field

·         A brief history of medical astrology

·         The definition of health and ilness

·         A brief information on body systems

2nd Week        Introduction to Medical Astrology

·         Some frequently used medical terms, some word stems and some prefixes&suffixes

·         Important issues in consultancy

·         Astrological symbols and their meanings from the perspective of medical astrology

·         Chart types used in classical medical astrology

3rd Week         Elements and Modalities in Medical Astrology

·         The meanings and effects of elements and modalities in medical astrology

·         An evaluation of excessive effects in temperament

4th Week        Signs in Medical Astrology

·         The meanings and effects of signs in medical astrology

·         The body parts and diseases related with specific sign degrees

·         Azimen degrees

5th Week        Houses, Axes and Polarity in Medical Astrology

·         The meanings of the houses and their effects on health

·         Axes and the concept of polarity

6th Week        Planets in Medical Astrology I

·         The meanings and the effects of the Luminaries, Mercury, Venus and Mars in medical astrology

7th Week        Planets in Medical Astrology II

·         The meanings and the effects of the Jupiter, Saturn and outer planets

8th Week        Nodes and other Celestial Figures in Medical Astrology

·         The effects of the Nodes and their different uses

·         Asteroids and trans Pluto bodies like Chiron, Hades, Admetos and Chronos

·         Fixed stars

9th Week        Mid-points in Medical Astrology

·         The importance and the use of mid-points

·         Major mid-point effects in natal, transit and progressed charts

·         An evaluation of harmonics

10th Week      Aspects in Medical Astrology I

·         General effects of aspects

·         Aspects with the Sun, the Moon and other inner planets

11th Week      Aspects in Medical Astrology II

·         Aspects with other planets and celestial bodies

12th Week      Timing, progressions and transits in Medical Astrology

·         The effects of specific transits

·         Predicting the time of an illness and determining the timing for treatment

13th Week      Nutrition in Medical Astrology and some different comments

·         The importance of nutrition and diet

·         Personal diet and diet for specific disease

·         Declination charts

·         Nodal charts

·         Vertex

·         The use of astrology in forensics

14th Week      Alternative Healing Suggestions

·         Healing with herbs

·         Astrolocality, working with chakras, alternative healing methods with colors, stones, etc.

·         Holistic healing

15th Week      Frequent Disesses  

·         Samples on frequent diseases

(Diabetes, hearts attack, vascular diseases, cancers, etc.)

16th Week      Chart Evaluation

·         Workshop with sample charts

Uz. Dr. Sena Büyükçopur Kimdir?

She was born in Istanbul in 1967. She has graduated from the Marmara University Faculty of Medicine. She has been a family physician in 2000 after completing her postgraduate degree in Istanbul Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital. She still serves as a doctor and since 2007 she is practicing astrology actively.