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My Thoughts on AstroArt School of Astrology

Sharon Knight 20.10.2016

I had the great privilege of being invited to present a half day workshop on traditional astrological techniques in the summer of 2016. I knew of Oner Doser by reputation; he was one of the very few people taught by Rob Zoller who achieved his DMA with distinction.

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Following Antares – Antares, Saturn and Mars Contacts and Turkey's Agenda.

Gaye Alkan 15.10.2016

The fixed star Antares, located at 09 degree 46 minutes Sagittarius is of a Mars – Jupiter nature and known as “In the heart of Scorpio”. It is one of the four Royal Stars. The word, “Antares”, comes from Anti – Ares words. Anti – Ares means “The Rival of Mars”. This fixed star is also called “Watcher of the West”.

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Brexit – In or out? What does the Astrology indicate?

Sharon Knight 27.06.2016

Anyone buying a paper or watching news television could be forgiven for thinking only two items dominate the world, one Will Donald Trump and his hair become the next President of America and two, will the UK stay in, or leave the EU.

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Astrological Advices

Öner Döşer 03.05.2016

ASTROLOGICAL ADVICES Five out of eight planets we use in astrology is in retrograde; Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn.

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Calling Down the Heavens AstroPsychology as Grounded Theory

Glenn Perry 01.09.2015

From the beginning, astrology has been grounded in data that correlates human experience to celestial movements.

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Love strings through time and space

Astrology is certainly a divine language, as the symbols it uses are universal and all-pervading, describing every corner of the Universe and events within It.

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After the 4th Astrology Days Organization

Öner Döşer 29.03.2015

Since 1993, 21st of March has been dedicated as “International Astrology Day” hence celebrated all over the world by various astrology organizations and schools.

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Art Of Prediction In Astrology

Öner Döşer 27.09.2013

Prediction exists in all areas of life as human always beware of taking a step towards the unknown.

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How Can We Use Energy of Eclipse?

Öner Döşer 25.05.2013

Although eclipse periods seem to radiate stressful energies, eclipses can be regarded as a chance to grow in a rapidly changing atmosphere.

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Reaching Wholeness via Astrology

Sibel Oltulu 13.05.2013

I am the Moon; I reflect the light of the Sun. I shed light on dark nights.

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