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When we set up the first online education system in 2009, we aimed to popularise astrology education and to educate professional and internationally well-known astrologers in line with our ideals. For this purpose, we took our steps by caring the needs of our students and our friends who wanted to be students. As the astrology courses were centred in big cities, the people who lived in other cities or the ones who live in far places to the city centre could not attend such courses. Additionally, due to business life or other personal reasons, the people could not attend the courses in weekdays and in the day time. Again in 2016, those reasons match with our purposes and we are glad to reach new students both in the country and abroad through our online education system.

What is the System in Online Education?

Both 3-years of basic education (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels) and Specialty Classes (Astro Psychology, Mundane Astrology, etc.) are available in our online education system. The classes which will be opened are announced each school year.
Our schedule for online education set for this year. Each week the lessons start just on time and ends at the planned time.

The lessons broadcasted live. The students sign up to the system from the link we provide with their user names and passwords on the time of the lesson. The system we broadcast our lessons is an exclusive platform that belongs to our school. The student may ask and answer questions at the chat box and watch the lessons on the home screen. PowerPoint presentations about the lessons prepared by the teacher are also presented at this home screen.

Camera and sound system is available for the teacher only, so ambient noise or the place you are during the lesson does not interfere with this broadcast. The students may ask their questions to the teacher anytime on the chat box and get additional explanation when they need.

What are the Advantages of Online Education?

The main advantage of online education is its convenience. The main purpose of online education is to present the lessons to the students within the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, the lessons may be watched after the live session. The students may watch the lessons repeatedly as much as they wish. Although recorded broadcasts do not provide a simultaneous and an interactive learning, the students do not have to worry when they miss the lesson. When the students are not available for the live broadcast, they always have the chance to watch the lessons afterwards.

Another advantage of online education is that there is a chance for getting lessons from the astrologers abroad as we did in the 2015-2016 school year. This system is also a big opportunity for our students who cannot go abroad for such courses. Last year, we opened an online course with Glenn Perry who is an expert in Astro Psychology. Providing such an opportunity to our students is an honour for us. Glenn Perry’s online Astro Psychology course will be again opened in 2016-2017 school year. For being informed about the courses, please visit “Announcements” section.

What is missing in Online Education when compared with in-class education?

We affirm our students that our online education system offers exactly the same program as our in-class education in terms of its timing and the curriculum. Additionally, when they have the opportunity to attend and inform us beforehand, our students who get online lessons may be our guests in our physical classes. By this way, the students may see that there is no difference between online classes and physical ones and visit our school occasionally.

Requirements for Online Education

You need a PC, laptop or a tablet and a high band internet connection for getting the maximum efficiency from our Online Education system.

Online Education Fees for 2017-2018

Beginner Level 400 TL+VAT/month
For Specialty Courses, please follow our announcements.

Validity of Graduation from Online Education

AstroArt School of Astrology’s (ASA) three-year curriculum has been approved by ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and APAI (Association for Professional Astrologers International)due to its conformation with professional standards and our school has been one of the reputable schools that are internationally recommended like the ones in America, England, Australia and other countries. These approvals affirm that our diploma is equivalent to the diplomas that are given by other reputable astrology schools approved by ISAR and APAI. The lessons presented in online system gives our students the same rights with other students of our school.

Please visit the link below to see the schools approved by APAI:
Please visit the link below to see the ISAR affiliated schools:

Online Education Curriculum

Please see the link below for the Basic Education Curriculum (Specialty Courses are not included:

Online Education Program Planned for 2017-2018 School Year

Beginner Level – Wednesday Class September 27, 20:30 – 22:45 (online)

Intermediate Level - Monday Class September 25, 20:30 - 22:45 (online)

Advanced Level - Thursday Class September 28, 10:30 - 13:30 (online)

Traditional Astrology Online Course

Online lessons will be held weekly for two hours. The first lesson will be held on November 25th at 9:30 Pasific time, 7:30pm Istanbul, Turkey and will continue each Saturday at the same time. The tutor is Öner Döşer.

The course will be held in English. The students may archive the lessons for a certain period of time and watch them at a later time. 

The fee for each four lessons is 100USD (80 Pounds / 90 Euros). The fee should be paid in the first week of each four lessons. For payment details please email to

Students who attend all lessons during 28 weeks will be presented a COMPLETION CERTICATE.

The course will be held under three main titles as Delineation, Significators and Prediction. For the flow of the program please go to the link at the below.

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