Summer School

Astrology Summer School

Astrology for whole year around! As AstroArt Astrology School we planned summer courses for anyone who is interested in astrology. We designed four different programme specially tailored for various levels of astrology lovers. As a new beginner you can enroll our beginners class or you can enroll just to deepen your understanding of astrology. All tutorials will be given by Öner DÖŞER.

We aim to develop a better understanding of this ancient art and get more of an involvement with a better knowledge. Hence, the courses will be very intense. Applicants will obtain a satisfactory level of knowledge on astrology within few weeks time.

Please call in to get further information, we will be happy to provide you with more details of the programme or visit our website for enrollment.
Phone: 0216 386 73 96 - 0216 358 12 23